A new hope....

Imagine having worked as a chef for ten years, and not getting a single day of dedicated training, earning roughly the same as when you started. The way restaurants make money has never been that good for kitchen crew. The industry has expanded like crazy in the years pre-corona, and people enjoy and are willing to pay for well-cooked meals more than ever before. But who actually makes money and benefits the most from all of this?

In the years 2010 to 2020, wage growth has been just over 11% for chefs in Sweden. At the same time restaurant real estate has multiplied in value, making landlords insanely rich. Something is clearly broken here.

And now - on top of that - Corona has landed like a wet, depressing blanket over the entire industry. But there are forces hard at work to ensure that what emerges once the blanket is lifted is better in every way.

We are building the kitchen of the future right now. The smartest restaurant company in Europe will bring opportunities to the overlooked.

The kitchen of the future does not rely on expensive locations and costly interiors in big cities - it is all about the chefs and the yummy food that they create, they are the true heroes of the operation. By using smart and fun state of the art cloud kitchen tech, We are able to run restaurants that develop chefs and accelerate their careers at a unique pace. We can afford to train you in the kitchen concepts of the future, and when you move on in your career (hopefully not too soon!) you will have learned so much. We also excel at identifying who can be a good leader, turning them into awesome Kitchen Managers - so if leadership is your thing, we really want to work with you!

We know that times are dark, but when the blanket lifts there is a bright ray of hope on the horizon.



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